Très faible Très élevée. Support from the manufacturer is simply outstanding as there knowledge base and support team go the extra mile to help you. I receive calls that are transferred to me and I rarely get any complaints that the call didn’t make it to me or was dropped in the process. Some calls are remembered and some are not, it seems random. You also need to invest time in learning the program or to have a designated 3CX admin ,in order to get the maximum from it. It can be installed on my mobile to have my work phone with me not to miss a call when not at my desk. After a series of non-starter with other brand name phone systems we stumbled across 3CX.

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I can see the number as it comes in but if I need to call that person back sometimes their number doesn’t remain in the log, I do not know why. First off, this software successfully allows for administrators to set up multiple incoming SIP trunks from one provider. You do not want to limit yourself to what you need today, then need to upgrade the license count within a year or two. It was difficult to understand and the conference call feature do not always work as expected. Temps d’utilisation du produit: I also like how they have a lot of online training videos and documentation to help lay the foundation regarding what it will take to setup and install a 3CX PBX.

Avis sur 3CX softphone for Windows

Its communication medium the internet makes it easy for people to communicate despite geographical obstacles and the best thing is it doesn’t charge for call roaming costs all you need is access to the internet and the software. From our office phone we are able to see if our guests hotel are using the phones in their rooms sofyphone can easily xfer calls to guests or staff.


Très faible Très élevée. Company refuses to heed directional input and new « ideas », they have their path defined. If you are looking for multiple trunks, this is the software for you.

3cx softphone

The call channel restriction softphohe a pain. The fact that you have « Standard » or « Professional » as sotfphone purchasing options makes the decision simple.

Fantastic product, we left Mitel ssoftphone 3CX and have never looked back. They have put a lot of thought into the functionality and features which means we can now manage the PBX and any changes needed as to having to call the support vendor so they can remote in and do the changes.

The voice mails come to softtphone inbox quickly which is nice. The only disadvantage I have found is that sometimes the application crash and it is necessary to restart it. The integration’s to other software are nice for our clients also. Also you can only use web conferencing in Chrome. Not only softhpone we use are existing utilities and subscriptions to do backups, screen sharing, maintenance, etc, but our employees were immediately comfortable making changes and other maintenance.

I have to restart the software from time to time because it will stop working. Perfect for telesales 3. All employees linked can send instant messages and you can see if a college sortphone on the phone. Sotfphone other Linux based products the familiarity of Windows and doftphone via your web browser means you can get to grip with it straight away. Not too much to say softphoone as I am a big fan, but I think if anything it sofrphone be softpbone if it was truly multi-tenant.

Cross platform software made easy!

3cx softphone

With a variety of 3x options, you should be able to fit 3CX to your environment and wallet size. We were initially turned off that it was Windows based however this has turned out to be a HUGE benefit.


I softphoone had to search the internet to find the c3x I required and this was from softlhone users who been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. New Features added regularly inexpensive multi-platform mobile softpuone featured for call centers or standard business pbx High Available backup PBX.

The need to pay for more trunks feels like a natural pay-gate, especially considering how much this feature is requested in DIY PBX communities.

3cx softphone

I also like the Free version. It is a good and affordable option to have a full telephone switchboard managed and hosted by a company.


Easy to use, no hassle PBX system with enterprise reliability and small-business ease of use. The whole system is running and performing as you would expect stable and reliable Inconvénients: I wish softphlne had a little more control over web conferencing, maybe shared logos. Simply 3c best soft phone i ever used. Easy, user friendly interface and semi customizable! I can choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory.

Built in conferencing and web conferencing items are great for productivity. We work around this easily in most cases and if not we run two instances on the same server. Even having an always softpohne backup server is an inexpensive, but necessary endeavor that will keep your employees and clients happy. Essentially having two lines or more on your smart phone can be very useful!

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